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Popular CLE Presentations & Workshops

*Identifying and Challenging Bias While Embracing Diversity. You cannot change what you cannot see. In this presentation we take a close look at where bias hides in the brain, how diversity supercharges the workplace, and what the individuals actors can do to change the culture of bias.

Law Firm Branding. One of the challenges of the modern world is that lawyers now have to compete both in the courtroom and in the world of advertising. More than ever, lawyers must pay critical attention to how they present themselves online. In this presentation we talk about how to identify, develop and promote your law firm’s brand in order to build a thriving practice.

Designing Your Law Firm to Work for You: Improve client experience, lower costs and reduce errors by adopting new business tools and systems. The availability of inexpensive and easy-to-use digital tools and systems means that much of the minutia of legal and administrative work can now be done automatically. Learn how to use automation tools and technology to simplify the practice of law, improve client service and recapture hours per week of lost time. 

*Ethically Marketing Your Law Firm on Social Media: Use social media with purpose and authenticity to build a strong referral network. We will examine fun and engaging examples of attorneys who are excelling at social media marketing alongside more problematic approaches. Importantly we will also explain why you should be using social media, how you can do it effectively and what you should be doing on social to bring in more clients.

*The New Word of Mouth: Lawyer Ratings and Reviews. Like it or not, we now live in a world where clients choose lawyers just like they’d choose a restaurant – through ratings and reviews. If you’re not getting reviewed on Yelp or Google, are you missing out on potential business? We discuss the world of lawyer ratings, where and how to ethically get reviews, and how you might benefit from them.

*When Lawyers Tweet...The Ethical Pitfalls of an Online Presence. The Model Rules of Professional Conduct regulate a lot more online activity than most lawyers suspect. In this talk, we examine cautionary tales from attorneys who found themselves in ethically compromising situations - some wittingly, and other lawyers who were caught off-guard.

*Improving the Workplace for Women. We are all talking privately about issues of gender equality and how we as individuals can be part of the solution. Having the conversation in private is important, but to move the needle, we need to have more of these conversations in a public forum with fellow community members. This workshop identifies opportunities for change and pinpoints where the community can work together improve the workplace for everyone. It includes a day or half-day of facilitated conversation and break-outs, a community survey, and a final report.

Creating an Electronic Signature Workshop. Having a digital signature is not only a convenience, it can be necessary to guarantee a document’s authenticity. Learn how to create your own digital or digitized signature – as easy as signing your John Hancock using a pen and paper, or as powerful as a digital certificate in Adobe Acrobat. Get ready for a hands-on experience in e-signing using tools.

Connecting the Dots - Automating Web Apps and Services. Interested in making your practice more productive and client focused? Are you considering legal web apps and services but don't know what to look for? This program offers a review of online tools (like Zapier) that allow you to link services and automate online activities. Learn how to avoid ‘app flipping’ so you can focus on your clients and make your practice more productive.

Women Mentoring Women in the Business of Law. Today’s world of mentoring is not just about helping or training younger attorneys, but rather learning from one another through collaboration and team building. Studies tell us that women network differently than men. Understanding what those differences are and how we can capitalize on them to help each other develop legal and business skills that will accelerate future success is valuable to both women who are new to the profession and those of us who have been practicing for years.

Harnessing the Science of Willpower. Lawyering is difficult and grueling work. We don’t always feel like we have enough energy or grit to accomplish all of the things we set out to do. Understanding how to strengthen willpower can supercharge your practice and bring you an overall better sense of well being. In this presentation we discuss strategies for making sure you have enough willpower to keep the promises that you make to yourself.

* These lectures may be modified for either a professionalism or ethics credit.